About us at gymscompared.ca

Hey there! Welcome to gymscompared.ca!

Quick story on how we got here. Years ago, I was in search of a basketball court nearby. I knew of all the blacktop (cement) one's nearby, but my aging body and knees really wanted a hardwood court.

To my surprise, no website out there compiled a list of what I was looking for. In fact, most gym websites were terrible, outdated and inaccurate. Pretty disappointing!

That changes here at gymscompared.ca. You'll be able to find your local gym, pick the amenities that fit your lifestyle, read reviews, browse photos... and make the jump into a fitter, healthier you.

A gigantic database at your fingertips

We're the largest database of gyms in Canada. We meticulously track these locations, whether they're new, open, closed or renovated! We'll help you find your new fitness home.

FOUNDER of Gymscompared.com

I'm a fitness addict who spent the past 10 years building marketing programs for the largest gym chains in the country. Here to help you on your fitness journey!

A Decade in the Fitness Industry

I've spent nearly a decade in the fitness industry working with the largest corporate gym chains. I've had roles in Marketing that intersect with Social Media, Paid Campaigns, Customer Care, Influencers and much more. I've worked alongside Operations and Field teams, watching the inner workings of how a multi-million dollar corporation runs their 450+ clubs.

My latest role for the past few years had me guiding a couple dozen independent gym franchises on how best to spend their Marketing dollars. These folks obsess and grow their businesses, anywhere from 2-3 locations to over 40+.

The team I managed spent millions of dollars on Facebook and Instagram ads, to reach people just like you. To convince, to persuade, to help you understand how important fitness is to your life. Over the years, it's amazing to see how much variety, how many options, how many different ways there are to break a sweat. One of those ways, is just for you.

I'm proud to say that hundreds of thousands of people have joined a fitness club through the marketing campaigns and promotions that my team managed.