Find Canadian Gyms with Basketball

Looking to shoot hoops indoors? We've got the ultimate list of gyms with basketball in Canada.


What gyms have basketball?

There aren't many, unfortunately—we count just 28 gyms in Canada with a basketball court. That represents just 3% of the gyms we track, so you can see how rare it is to find one.
So if you're on the hunt for some hoops, it'll be difficult—but not impossible.

Here's where you can get your hoop on:

Some locations in these gym chains have basketball. Crunch Fitness (1 location), LA Fitness (25), GoodLife Fitness (2).

Well, why don't they have basketball?

We've got a good idea why these locations don't offer the amenity. Here's why:
  • Fit4Less and Planet Fitness are budget focused, lower-priced, affordable gym chains. They also traditionally have smaller sized locations, leaving no room for basketball courts.
  • Anytime Fitness and Snap Fitness also have a different focus: all night 24/7 workouts. They too have smaller footprint locations, opting to use their space for cardio and strength equipment.
  • Of all these, Equinox may be the one who could potentially offer basketball as an amenity. This luxury, upscale gym chain however, we believe would prefer to offer spa/massage areas instead of basketball.

Benefits of gyms with basketball

I personally love clean hardwood, glass backboards, fresh nets and the sound of the basketball echo in an empty gym. It's a blissful experience when you're just shooting by yourself, or in a pickup game with others. What other benefits do you get in a gym with basketball?
  • Supreme convenience: The luxury of having a basketball court adjacent to the fitness area is awesome. I like to stick close to the court when it's full, hitting weights until my turn is up.
  • Effective warm-ups: Try using a sauna or steam room to loosen and prep before a game. It's a good way to get the muscles ready for a long pick-up game.
  • Refresh and recover: Sometimes you go too hard on the court and stay longer than you had planned. All good: rejuvenate sore (or cramped!) muscles with a cold shower or dip in the nearby pool.
  • Social sport: Basketball builds teamwork and companionship, making it more enjoyable with friends. When your basketball crew overlaps with your gym community, the sense of unity and team spirit deepens.
  • Hoops at any hour: Gyms open 24/7 with basketball courts are a dream for enthusiasts, allowing practice at dawn or dusk.
Crunch Fitness
Just one Crunch gym in Canda has basketball: their Brampton North location.
GoodLife Fitness
Only two GoodLife clubs list basketball as an amenity. This one in Whitby has two hoops outdoors.
LA Fitness
Stock image from a USA location
Your best bet too hoop at a gym, with 25 locations in the country.

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Gyms with basketball in Canada

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