Find Gyms with Saunas in Canada

Find your oasis of calm and warmth. Scroll down for the ultimate list of gyms with saunas.


What gym chains have saunas?

We found that five different gym chains in Canada offer up the amenity. One of our most asked questions, we have the exact location list of gyms with a sauna down below. But, let's break it down by gym chain:

Some locations in these Canadian gym chains have childcare

Crunch Fitness with 9, Equinox with 2, GoodLife with 152, LA Fitness at 25, and Snap Fitness with 1.
GoodLife leads the way overall, and they're likely your best bet to find one nearby. Their 152 locations also span across the country, so those from Vancouver to Montreal are covered.

These gyms chains do not have saunas:

Anytime Fitness, Fit4Less, Planet Fitness

Well, why don't they have saunas?

We're tracking thousands of gyms, and found many common key reasons. Here are the key things we found out:
  • Gyms that focus on low cost aren't able to support an additional amenity like saunas. That means no saunas at Fit4Less and Planet Fitness.
  • There's no space! Smaller gyms simply have no room for saunas. They'll typically use their space for cardio or strength equipment first.
  • Added maintenance means more staff and service. That doesn't fit well with more budget oriented gym chains.

Benefits of gyms with saunas

One of the key reasons why we built this site was how much in love we are with saunas. There are so many great benefits to using one, here's our take:
  • Regular sauna sessions can enhance heart health. The warmth generated in a sauna stimulates sweating, which can boost circulation and potentially lower blood pressure. We like how it can also decrease inflammation and improve blood flow after a workout. Studies suggest that consistent sauna use might contribute to a lower incidence of heart-related conditions and strokes.
  • We love how saunas can improve your skin's health. Usage can dilate pores, encouraging perspiration that aids in expelling skin toxins and impurities. You get a boost in skin blood flow that not only enhances hydration but also gets rid of inflammation.
  • Alleviate stress and relax: High temps after an intense exercise session can help ease muscle tension. Warmth and moisture can also trigger the release of endorphins, lifting your spirits and lowering stress levels. Ever stepped out of a sauna with a huge smile and deep breath? That's what we mean.

What to expect at gym saunas

These super heated rooms are brought to temp either in the traditional way (stones/heating element) or infrared light. Here's what you gotta know before stepping into one:
  • Keep hydrated: Can't stress this enough! Drink plenty of water before and after using a sauna. You'll need to stay hydrated as the heat can cause you to sweat out a significant amount of fluids..
  • Expect some high temps: You can expect it to get anywhere from 71 to 93 degrees Celsius. We'd suggest you start getting acclimated with short sessions, and work yourself up.
  • You'll probably sweat, alot!  The high temperature in the sauna will cause you to sweat, which can help to flush toxins from your body and improve circulation.
  • Skip the phone:  The hot temps can damage your phone. Leave it either in your locker, or if you must, don't use it before stepping inside. True story: my iPhone gave me an overheating warning and locked me out!

By the numbers: How many gyms in Canada have a sauna?


Total gyms tracked

The total amount of locations we're tracking.


Gyms with a sauna

How many of those locations are confirmed to have a sauna.


Percent of locations with a sauna

Percentage of total gyms in the country that have a sauna.

GoodLife Fitness
With the most amount of saunas in the country, GoodLife is your best bet to find one if you are also in a less populated area.

Most Crunch saunas we've seen have been the traditional type. Newer locations have started to add infrared style versions.
Equinox saunas are upscale, Insta-worthy destinations. You'll find them in their spas, often eucalyptus scented for a dramatic, calming and invigorating experience.

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