World Gym

Beauport, Quebec

Google Rating
2837 ave St. David,Beauport, QC G1C 0J3,Canada
World Gym in Beauport offers a diverse range of amenities to cater to all your fitness needs. Although the Yelp score for this location is 1, it boasts a solid Google score of 3.9 based on 490 reviews. While not open 24 hours a day, this gym provides convenience with services like childcare, locker rooms, Wi-Fi access, and showers. Need a post-workout snack? Unfortunately, there's no retail area for drinks and snacks on-site.
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What we love about World Gym in

Beauport, Quebec
They have all the essentials

A great mix of weights & cardio equipment.

They have a sauna
Unwind with a massage
You can get tan!
You just found the only gym in the city to offer tanning.
You can play basketball
Pickleball FTW!
Open 24-hours!
It has a pool!
They have childcare!
You just found the only gym in the city with childcare.
Workout on turf
Olympic Lifting FTW!
Enjoy the steam room